Livestock Health

  • Livestock Enzymes & Probiotics (animal specific)
  • ​Livestock Probiotics
  • Mineral Packages

  • ​Aquatic Fish Enzymes and Probiotics

Crop Production

  • Organic Fertility Programs

  • Soil Amendments

  • Biological Inoculants

  • Bio-Stimulants
  • Kelp Based Solutions

  • Mycorrhizae

  • Micro-Nutrients

  • Enzymes

Livestock Pasture Products

  • Sterling Pasture Program

  • Bio-Activator Plus

  • Yield Maker

  • L-Amino-Liquid Protein Builder

  • Kelp Extract

  • ​Worm Cast Tea

Our Mission

At Sterling Agriculture, our mission is simple: Provide the best products with the best service utilizing our "Feed What You Need" motto.

Adrian Ramirez is president and has extensive background in science expanding regional companies into national players. 

Rebecca Selkirk, is VP and COO. Becca manages all research plots and works with Adrian to manage the existing three plants nationwide. 

William 'Bill' Selkirk is Chief Chemist, Agronomist and Animal Nutritionist. His focus is developing product lines to increase pasture and crop yield and increased milk, and butter fat in the dairy operations. 

What We Offer

Professional Team