​                                                  Sterling Aquatic Enzymes

                             and Probiotics

What is Sterling Neptune FISH BE+ Probiotics?

What is Sterling Poseidon Shrimp BE + Probiotics?

You can watch your fish or shrimp SLOWLY grow, or you can use our

enzymes for better feed conversion and probiotics for healthier fish.

Our Probiotics reduce and attack several known aquatic diseases.

1. Our 17 enzymes induce the fish and shrimp to grow faster, and

use up to 30% less feed. TREAT RATE: 5-10# PER TON FEED.

​2. Trial done on cat fish farm indicated a 27% reduction in feed usage 

and catfish finishing 22% faster. 

​3. We also use probiotics that increase disease resistance in fish farms.

See Pond/Lagoon probiotics tab for further information.

Contact us on how our Sterling Neptune Fish BE+ Probiotics 

and Sterling Poseidon Shrimp BE+ Probiotics can save you money.